We aim to provide a healthy and responsible gambling environment for our clients for safekeeping their finances.

Key Definitions

We focus on money management, responsible gambling, legal gambling, and detect any symptoms of compulsion for our clients.


We do not restrict daily gambling. Check out the list of exemptions in our programs that helps our clients deal with gambling in a better way.

Relocation of Venues

The casinos that require wider spacing will be moved to a new location to provide enough space for social distancing.

Number of Gaming Machines to Be Allowed

Every casino can only have a limited number of gaming machines based on the area of the casino for maintaining minimum space between two machines.

Primary Activity of Venues

The casinos will implement new sanitization programs and social distancing necessities to maintain the safety of guests in their premises.

Our responsibilities in regard to gambling


Sinking lid policy

No new license will be issued for machines when they moved to a new place.


Limitations of our authority

We do not hold any right to seize the property of any casino. Please ready of terms below.


Merging venues

Two casinos can merge to create a wider gaming area for their guests while maintaining the same size ration for the gaming area.


Class 4 Gambling (Pokie) Venue Policy

Casino machines are now allowed in any bar and restaurant without authorizationxt


Research on gambling

Our well-detailed guide explains everything you need to know about gambling policies.


Racing Board (TAB) Venue Policy

If an existing venue closes, a tab cannot be established within 50m of a place of worship, education, and other facilities.



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