We aim to provide a healthy and responsible gambling environment for our clients for safekeeping their finances.

Key Definitions

We focus on money management, responsible gambling, legal gambling, and detect any symptoms of compulsion for our clients.


We do not restrict daily gambling. Check out the list of exemptions in our programs that helps our clients deal with gambling in a better way.

Relocation of Venues

The casinos that require wider spacing will be moved to a new location to provide enough space for social distancing.

Number of Gaming Machines to Be Allowed

Every casino can only have a limited number of gaming machines based on the area of the casino for maintaining minimum space between two machines.

Primary Activity of Venues

The casinos will implement new sanitization programs and social distancing necessities to maintain the safety of guests in their premises.

Our responsibilities in regard to gambling


Sinking lid policy

No new license will be issued for machines when they moved to a new place.


Limitations of our authority

We do not hold any right to seize the property of any casino. Please ready of terms below.


Merging venues

Two casinos can merge to create a wider gaming area for their guests while maintaining the same size ration for the gaming area.


Class 4 Gambling (Pokie) Venue Policy

Casino machines are now allowed in any bar and restaurant without authorizationxt


Research on gambling

Our well-detailed guide explains everything you need to know about gambling policies.


Racing Board (TAB) Venue Policy

If an existing venue closes, a tab cannot be established within 50m of a place of worship, education, and other facilities.



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April 12, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Gambling Like a Pro

Are you looking to up your gambling game? Whether you want to be a professional gambler or just boost your skills for fun, this guide is for you. In this guide, we’ll cover everything from how to choose the right games, what strategies to use, and how to manage your money. With our help, you’ll […]

December 20, 2021

Learn How to Protect Your Money while Gambling Online

Gambling at an online casino in New Zealand can be risky and there are a lot of people out there who don’t know how to properly protect their money before they go to one of the sites. But the good news is there are a lot of efficient ways to find reliable casinos to deposit […]

Gambling online
July 19, 2021

How pokie games offer high rewards with lower risk

The Risk of Pokies in New Zealand There are literally thousands of pokies (slot machines) in New Zealand. Featured in bars and clubs. In some areas of New Zealand, there is as many as 1 slot machine for every 75 adults. The average adult gambler (and bear in mind that many people do not play […]

Gambling, Slot Machine
September 30, 2020

Top 7 Tips to Keep in Mind Before You Visit a Casino and Gambling

Gambling is a great sport to win and lose money at the same time. If the lady luck is on your side, you may win. If it is not, well, try again. As soon as you step into a casino you may find various table games to try your hands on various games. There are slot machines that relatively do not need any skills or algorithms to win. Instead, luck plays a major at slots. However, if you are new to the gambling space and wish to celebrate your birthday by starting to gamble for the first time at Las Vegas or Macau, but don’t know what the important tips to keep in mind are, this is the accurate article you will ever choose. This article is all about the tips and etiquette one must follow and keep in mind before entering the world of gambling. Without much ado let us go straight into the article.

  • Always remember that the casino has a house edge for the games provided. It doesn’t matter whatever game you pick, the casino will have a house edge and a certain amount will be deducted from your winning.
  • You may think LUCK plays no role while gambling. Well, the answer is no. Luck plays a major role in gambling especially when it comes to the slot machines. But, you must know the rules of the game and the betting percentage and do not entirely rely on the luck factor.

Casino and Gambling

  • Always think that no matter what bet you place, the chances for you to win and lose is 50-50. But if you know the house rules and game rules, there are chances that you may increase your odds of winning.
  • Always know when to stop playing and when to leave the table. You might get excited when you see yourself winning continuously for more than three and four bets. But, just like mentioned in the first point, the house always favors the casino. So, you have to make your mind to leave the table before losing all the winnings from your hand.
  • Another point to keep in mind before playing at any casino table is to know the rewards offered by the table. Check whether the casino offers any incentives as you are a new player.
  • There are a lot of games to choose from, pick the one that you think is the right one for you. Many games have good payouts; keep a close eye on such games.
  • Last but not the least, always know what to wear to a casino. There might be casino etiquette to follow, and if      you are not dressed accordingly, you may get kicked out of the premises.
September 5, 2020

What is Responsible Gambling

The notion of responsible gambling is not a novel one. At the same time, we witness novel gambling that has burgeoned bountifully like the proliferation of online gambling and tribal casino growth in the US. While legislators are welcoming a more proactive responsible gambling, the need for a fine line to be rightly positioned is a necessity.

The silver lining between a compulsive gambler and a responsible gambler is by the amalgamation of best practices engendered by the casinos and legislators, that dissuades problem gambling and concurrently stimulates the business. However, ultimately, it all depends on the mental and emotional wellbeing of the gambler.

Never Gamble Money You Can't Afford to Lose

Never Gamble Money You Can’t Afford to Lose

This might seem the most blatant fact out there for you. Despite this crystal-clear fact, compulsive gamblers frequently indulge in utilising money set aside for something else as plain as groceries to crucial things like children’s education fees.

The money you cannot afford to lose simply means you cannot exhaust your cash solely for the purpose of amusing yourself.

Don’t Chase Losses

This phrase simply means to continue your yearning for gambling despite several losses. This notion of the gambler is viewed as problematic because the whole concept of gambling is about winning back what you have lost.

If you are not equipped to do that, don’t be chained down under the vicious grip of gambler’s fallacy. This is the belief that eventually, Lady Luck will bless you with good fortune, despite the fact that it has evidently been the other way round.

The candour remains that odds do not transform based on previous events because these are all independent events. Each and every spin of the roulette wheel is a distinct event, dissociated from the previous episode.

Set Gambling Loss and Time Limits

Set Gambling Loss and Time Limits

The absence of clocks in a casino makes it a Herculean task for you to keep track of time. Therefore, it is crucial that you set predefined limits; otherwise, you will lose more money than you can actually afford in the long run.

Responsible gamblers have an objective in mind that ushers them to strategize and make prudent decisions. For this, you require a clear head and an appropriate state of mind, which means you might have to capitulate your penchant for alcohol while playing because overconsumption can lead you to initiate bad decisions.

Finally, a responsible gambler will amalgamate his amour for gambling with other activities like dining out, enjoying concerts, and much more – a perfect blend of all activities.


Responsible Gambling
August 30, 2020

4 Things to Consider Before Starting to Gamble

The casino industry is growing day by day, increased players and online casino websites are evidence that it is enhancing day by day. With this growing landscape, even now people know what gambling and casino are. Many players gamble just for the sake of it and lose tons of money. Whereas there are also people who play casino games by understanding and keeping a keen observation in the cards and studying the skills. In this article, we will see more about a few tips to keep in mind while visiting a casino. If you are new to the gambling landscape, this article is sure to help. Take a note pad and start penning these tips down. Without creating any more dialogues let us hit the road.

Learn the Rules

The first point to keep in mind is to learn the rules of casinos. Each casino rules can change and you must know what are the evaluated rules of the particular casino you wish to visit. One of the major things you must keep in mind is to understand the house edge provided by the casino for its games. Each casino games’ edge can change and is good to know before spending money on every game. It is a must to check out the rules to avoid any blunder. If you are not aware of the rules of the casino you can ask the dealer for help. You must also keep in mind that each game has got various rules and can change it according to the game you selected.

The House Edge

Like mentioned before, each casino has its house edge. You can enter the casino free of charge but the casino will make you pay for the games you desire to keep your hand on. This is exactly what the heading, the house edge means. So, it is a must to know the house edge of the games you wish to play, instead of losing all your money on one game and ending the evening. If you don’t know how the house edge works, you can always start playing by placing a bet on blackjack.

Think Twice Before Playing Lotteries

Lotteries are a tricky game to play. The casino at first will make you pay for the lotteries if you win you get a lifetime success. There are high chances that the odds will work against you, so it is better to avoid such tricky games and stick to card games and slot machine games where you have the chance to win than lose.


Always think Twice before placing any Bets

This is one of the most crucial steps you never want to forget in your life. Never place bets unnecessarily and irresponsibly. Always know the house edge before placing the bets. You may think that if you place high bets you may win, but the chances can otherwise too. What if you win the first round and lose the second? You will lose all the money in hand. So, it is always good to think about the odds of betting before placing any.

August 23, 2020

An Insight Into the Reasons Behind the Design, Layout and Architecture of Casinos

The way casinos are designed- from their flooring to the ceiling, is more science than art. There are specific psychological reasons behind the designs and layout of the casinos. To begin with, casinos are designed in such a way that you are drawn to them and decide to spend as much time as possible within their confines. They are designed in such a way that shall enable you to try out all the games that they have to offer. The longer you stay inside the casinos, and the more you play, the greater is the profit margins of these establishments. And that is the real reason for the casinos to follow a specific design template.

The Hallucination-Inducing Floor Patterns:

The first thing that you might observe when you walk into a casino of your liking is that the flooring is quite complicated. The patterns that are mostly used in flooring could stress one’s eyes out or lead to hallucinations. The floors of the casinos are designed in such a way so that you start feeling a little foggy. The casinos then make use of this confusion of yours and manipulate you to spend more time inside.

Casinos Also Do Not Have Clocks Inside Them

Casinos Also Do Not Have Clocks Inside Them:

The second noteworthy thing about a casino is that they do not have clocks inside them. The casinos use this trick so that their customers stop keeping track of the time and spend more time inside the establishment. And this, in turn, motivates them to play all sorts of games and contribute to the profit made by the casinos. Some casinos even go to the extent of prohibiting the use of mobile phones and wristwatches once you step inside the casino.

The Slot Machines are Arranged in a Haphazard Manner Inside the Casinos:

Another striking feature that one would often note inside the casinos is that the slot machines are arranged in a haphazard manner inside the casinos. They are not neatly arranged in rows that might have helped people to use them easily. This is because the haphazard arrangement of the slot machines gets the players confused and they take a longer time to find their way out. And while they struggle to find themselves out of the maze, some people even start playing on the machines. Is that not a very neat way to make profits?

A Few Final Words

A Few Final Words:

Casinos are businesses and not just entertainment houses. Their true allegiance lies only with themselves. And that is why it is imperative that you see this domain with its inherent risks besides the fun quotient that they have to offer. Now that it is clear that casinos are designed in a way that would keep the customers on the floors for a longer period and get them all confused, be careful to manage your resources well the next time you step foot inside these fun houses.


July 12, 2020

An Introduction to What is Gambling?

Gambling in simple words is playing and betting in a casino for money, there are chances you might lose the bet or win a bet. The actual reason is that many people don’t know what gambling is and lose money by not playing responsibly. You might be an enthusiastic gambler and may know what is gambling. For those who don’t know after reading the article, you will get an insight into what the niche is all about. Without much ado let us dive right into the article.


At present gambling is a sport loved by many players around the globe. It is a type of entertainment where you risk your money and place a bet to increase the odds to win more prizes and money. So, when you bet you must know what the odds you can win are and whether you will have anything rest if you lose from the game. Having said that, there are many types of games to gamble and various types of gambling. Starting from lotteries to scratch cards to table games or card games to slot machines and bingos. We always find appreciation and happiness when we win. But for a person a win you must know the basic steps and tips to play if you want to achieve success. There are tournaments and leagues where you can bet and win a lot of money.  At present, there are also online casinos and gambling offered by many websites. Online gambling by far is the easy space to play due to its numerous platforms of games along with high convenience.


Types of Gambling

As mentioned before, some games rely on lady luck and some only rely on skill set. If you know how to tackle the game, you may increase the chances to win. There are two types of gambling when we differentiate; Chance based gambling and Skill-based gambling. The former means while playing roulette, lottery, and other slot machine games, the results are not predicted and are very random; here the chances to win are based upon luck. The latter one specifically means if you are playing any card games especially blackjack and poker, the chances rely upon the ability to win by using the skill. The results are not random.


For anyone who has gambled before know that it is not a piece of cake to acquire as fast as possible. Instead, it is a gradual process where a lot of experience and skills play a vibrant role in shaping a gambler. You don’t have to be an ardent fellow player to be a gambler instead you can also try being a dealer who will have a hand on every table. Last few words, only you know how your account and your budget. You must start playing online to know what exactly various gambling is and later jump into the real world of gambling.

Types of Gambling
July 2, 2020

Facts about Casinos and Gambling that You Might Want to Learn about

Gambling is all about understanding the inherent risks of the domain and navigating them carefully. It is puerile to feel that the activity is all about chances. Sure, luck plays a very important role in determining how much you are going to benefit from this space. But that is not all about it. There are calculations involved, and ones that can significantly enhance your chances of winning. And this is just one of the many facts that one needs to know about gambling. There is an ocean of information that most of us do not know for various reasons; information that could be the game-changer of an individual’s fortune. Therefore, if one needs to ace the space and maximize their profits, here are a few bits and pieces of information that you must learn.


Do Not Put All Your Eggs in the Basket of the Slots:

Slots are the most popular choice of games at a casino. They draw a lot of people with the promise of lucrative jackpots. However, you might end up losing big time if you only stick to playing the slots. This is because there is only one way to make money out of the slot games. You keep playing until you hit the jackpot. And that is about it. If you continue to play even after winning, you might just end up losing everything. And that is why it is advisable to avoid slots or at least try out the other games.

Do Not Leave Everything to Chance:

Many people think that casino games are all dependent on chances. And this is only partly true. You can tweak your chances of winning with a little bit of careful calculations and by making informed decisions. Casinos might have you believe that every casino game depends on chances and your luck. But do not fall for their manipulations and use your heads.

Casinos Always Have a Higher House Edge

Casinos Always Have a Higher House Edge:

Casino games are designed in a way that puts the house at an advantageous position. They do not much care about their customers making a profit. And that is because casinos have a business to take care of whose motto is to earn as much profit as possible. And that is why you must believe that casinos always have a higher house edge. However, this does not mean that you have no chances of winning. Play the games that have a lower house edge. These are the ones that can help you win.

Wrapping Up:

Casinos and gambling are extremely fun affairs. They are excellent sources of entertainment and can be used as an outlet to bust your stress. Plus, you can always make easy money with the games you play at the casinos. And if you want to make the most of these games and take home a fair amount of money, you can always use these bits of information about casinos and gambling and better your chances.

Casinos and Gambling