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May 1, 2020

Secrets Tricks that the Casinos Do Not Want You to Know

Casinos have a set of secret tricks that they use but do not want you to know. These tricks are the ones that help them scale their business and draw more people to the establishments. Though not all these tricks are pernicious to a gambler’s financial health, it is always better to learn about them nevertheless. An insight into these casino secrets might open up many winning portals for you and aid you to manage your resources better. Let us now have a look at these secrets and try to make sense of them.

Casinos Are Designed in a Way to Keep You On the Floors for a Long Period:

Everything that you see inside a casino is actually motivated by the idea of making a profit. If you have been inside a casino ever in your life, you must have noticed that there are no clocks inside. Have you ever wondered why that is? Casinos do not want you to keep track of your time. They always attempt to keep you for a longer period within the establishment so that you could play more games and help them make more money.


The Security Camera Has Its Eyes on You:

The cameras that the casinos have are not just designs and showpieces. They have their eyes on you. If you were under the impression that the security cameras stop tracking your movements while you are playing a game, you have been mistaken. These cameras have their weather-eyes on every movement of yours. Nothing evades their watchful eyes. The casinos can even use the information to beat you the next time you play the same game.

Dealers Sometimes Feel Bad for your Situation:

It is important to remember that dealers are human beings too. They are not trying to get you to lose. And even if they are trying to do so due to the policy of the casino, they do feel bad for you. Some might even try to drop hints about how to play and plan your moves. Though it is never a great idea to listen to every advice the dealer has to give, it might at times do you well.


Casinos Can Tell If You are Cheating:

You might be a seasoned player who knows the ins and outs of a casino, and you might even be nimble with your hands. But do not let that get to your head. Casinos can tell if you are cheating. It is not very easy to outsmart them. Only because you have been successful in making it out of the casino floor without being caught, it does not mean the same will happen again. Therefore, you must be careful about the means you are resorting to.


These are some of the few secrets that casinos will never want to divulge to their customers. These secret tricks help them to ride high on their success. Being privy to these secrets could help your chances and aid you to make the most of your time at the casino.

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March 12, 2020

Some Slot Machine Etiquette to Know about Before Walking Into a Casino

Slots are the most popular games at the casinos. They draw people in flocks with amazing graphics and the promise of progressive jackpots. However, there are a set of rules that every individual must follow before playing on these machines. And when we talk about the rules, we are not only speaking of the rules of the game. There is some basic etiquette that people must know of to make sure the slot machines are being used appropriately, and that they are not causing any confusion to anyone else inside the casinos. The purpose of this article is to learn and internalize these etiquettes and see why they are considered so important at the casinos.

Use the Slot Machine Only When You Are Sure that No One Else is Using the Same Machine:

The first thing to remember while using a slot machine is that no one else must be using the machine. In fact, if you find anyone else saving the slot machine to use them in a while, leave the machine and the person alone. And if you cannot restrain yourself from using the machine, be civil and ask for the person’s permission. Only if he/she allows you to use the machine, must you go ahead. And if the person does not permit you to use his/her machine, do not engage in a brawl and leave the place at once.


Do Not Hog a Machine If You Are Not Playing:

This goes without saying, but for the ones who would like it to be restated, hogging a machine without any intention of playing is not welcome. You are only ruining the chances of another player, and that is a selfish act on your part. Allow people to use the machine if you are not interested in playing yourself. This is mutually beneficial. You can play the other games to your liking as well as help others win at the slots by making room for them to play.

Finally, Understand that You Are Not Competing Against Other Players and Act Accordingly:

The final thing to remember when talking about slot machine etiquettes is that you are not competing against any other player. And that is why there is no need to feel jealous of what the others are winning. You need to hold your own and be supportive of other players. Do not lose control of yourself if you happen to lose and find the others winning. Winning and losing is all a part of the game, and there is nothing to feel ashamed or disheartened about. Therefore, stay calm, keep yourself together and act accordingly, while you play the slots.

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