August 23, 2020

An Insight Into the Reasons Behind the Design, Layout and Architecture of Casinos

The way casinos are designed- from their flooring to the ceiling, is more science than art. There are specific psychological reasons behind the designs and layout of the casinos. To begin with, casinos are designed in such a way that you are drawn to them and decide to spend as much time as possible within their confines. They are designed in such a way that shall enable you to try out all the games that they have to offer. The longer you stay inside the casinos, and the more you play, the greater is the profit margins of these establishments. And that is the real reason for the casinos to follow a specific design template.

The Hallucination-Inducing Floor Patterns:

The first thing that you might observe when you walk into a casino of your liking is that the flooring is quite complicated. The patterns that are mostly used in flooring could stress one’s eyes out or lead to hallucinations. The floors of the casinos are designed in such a way so that you start feeling a little foggy. The casinos then make use of this confusion of yours and manipulate you to spend more time inside.

Casinos Also Do Not Have Clocks Inside Them

Casinos Also Do Not Have Clocks Inside Them:

The second noteworthy thing about a casino is that they do not have clocks inside them. The casinos use this trick so that their customers stop keeping track of the time and spend more time inside the establishment. And this, in turn, motivates them to play all sorts of games and contribute to the profit made by the casinos. Some casinos even go to the extent of prohibiting the use of mobile phones and wristwatches once you step inside the casino.

The Slot Machines are Arranged in a Haphazard Manner Inside the Casinos:

Another striking feature that one would often note inside the casinos is that the slot machines are arranged in a haphazard manner inside the casinos. They are not neatly arranged in rows that might have helped people to use them easily. This is because the haphazard arrangement of the slot machines gets the players confused and they take a longer time to find their way out. And while they struggle to find themselves out of the maze, some people even start playing on the machines. Is that not a very neat way to make profits?

A Few Final Words

A Few Final Words:

Casinos are businesses and not just entertainment houses. Their true allegiance lies only with themselves. And that is why it is imperative that you see this domain with its inherent risks besides the fun quotient that they have to offer. Now that it is clear that casinos are designed in a way that would keep the customers on the floors for a longer period and get them all confused, be careful to manage your resources well the next time you step foot inside these fun houses.


July 12, 2020

An Introduction to What is Gambling?

Gambling in simple words is playing and betting in a casino for money, there are chances you might lose the bet or win a bet. The actual reason is that many people don’t know what gambling is and lose money by not playing responsibly. You might be an enthusiastic gambler and may know what is gambling. For those who don’t know after reading the article, you will get an insight into what the niche is all about. Without much ado let us dive right into the article.


At present gambling is a sport loved by many players around the globe. It is a type of entertainment where you risk your money and place a bet to increase the odds to win more prizes and money. So, when you bet you must know what the odds you can win are and whether you will have anything rest if you lose from the game. Having said that, there are many types of games to gamble and various types of gambling. Starting from lotteries to scratch cards to table games or card games to slot machines and bingos. We always find appreciation and happiness when we win. But for a person a win you must know the basic steps and tips to play if you want to achieve success. There are tournaments and leagues where you can bet and win a lot of money.  At present, there are also online casinos and gambling offered by many websites. Online gambling by far is the easy space to play due to its numerous platforms of games along with high convenience.


Types of Gambling

As mentioned before, some games rely on lady luck and some only rely on skill set. If you know how to tackle the game, you may increase the chances to win. There are two types of gambling when we differentiate; Chance based gambling and Skill-based gambling. The former means while playing roulette, lottery, and other slot machine games, the results are not predicted and are very random; here the chances to win are based upon luck. The latter one specifically means if you are playing any card games especially blackjack and poker, the chances rely upon the ability to win by using the skill. The results are not random.


For anyone who has gambled before know that it is not a piece of cake to acquire as fast as possible. Instead, it is a gradual process where a lot of experience and skills play a vibrant role in shaping a gambler. You don’t have to be an ardent fellow player to be a gambler instead you can also try being a dealer who will have a hand on every table. Last few words, only you know how your account and your budget. You must start playing online to know what exactly various gambling is and later jump into the real world of gambling.

Types of Gambling
July 2, 2020

Facts about Casinos and Gambling that You Might Want to Learn about

Gambling is all about understanding the inherent risks of the domain and navigating them carefully. It is puerile to feel that the activity is all about chances. Sure, luck plays a very important role in determining how much you are going to benefit from this space. But that is not all about it. There are calculations involved, and ones that can significantly enhance your chances of winning. And this is just one of the many facts that one needs to know about gambling. There is an ocean of information that most of us do not know for various reasons; information that could be the game-changer of an individual’s fortune. Therefore, if one needs to ace the space and maximize their profits, here are a few bits and pieces of information that you must learn.


Do Not Put All Your Eggs in the Basket of the Slots:

Slots are the most popular choice of games at a casino. They draw a lot of people with the promise of lucrative jackpots. However, you might end up losing big time if you only stick to playing the slots. This is because there is only one way to make money out of the slot games. You keep playing until you hit the jackpot. And that is about it. If you continue to play even after winning, you might just end up losing everything. And that is why it is advisable to avoid slots or at least try out the other games.

Do Not Leave Everything to Chance:

Many people think that casino games are all dependent on chances. And this is only partly true. You can tweak your chances of winning with a little bit of careful calculations and by making informed decisions. Casinos might have you believe that every casino game depends on chances and your luck. But do not fall for their manipulations and use your heads.

Casinos Always Have a Higher House Edge

Casinos Always Have a Higher House Edge:

Casino games are designed in a way that puts the house at an advantageous position. They do not much care about their customers making a profit. And that is because casinos have a business to take care of whose motto is to earn as much profit as possible. And that is why you must believe that casinos always have a higher house edge. However, this does not mean that you have no chances of winning. Play the games that have a lower house edge. These are the ones that can help you win.

Wrapping Up:

Casinos and gambling are extremely fun affairs. They are excellent sources of entertainment and can be used as an outlet to bust your stress. Plus, you can always make easy money with the games you play at the casinos. And if you want to make the most of these games and take home a fair amount of money, you can always use these bits of information about casinos and gambling and better your chances.

Casinos and Gambling
June 12, 2020

Gambling Venue Policy Review 2020

Gambling venue policy has been set up to gather regular feedback on various topics, proposals, plans, and projects across countries.

Joining with the Local Government Act, Councils are on the process of reviewing Gambling policies on class 4 gaming machines venues and the Racing Board venues. The Act has sent out word to get to know people’s views on the amended policy.

Purpose of gambling policy:

– make sure that the community and the Council of representatives have influence over the belonging and the place of positioning of the new venues in the City.

– making sure that the objective of the venues is not to provide Class 4 gaming machines.

– reducing any ill-effects to the public caused by gambling.

– enabling the community to benefit from the gambling sites for entertainment and benefiting from the proceedings generated thereby.

Gambling Venue

The Proposed Amendments include;

– clarifying that the gambling sites are not primarily for activity on class 4 gambling machines.

– making sure that the location of a class 4 gambling venue is 100 metres from the nearest existing class 4 gambling site, kindergarten, school, or any of the community facilities.

– Ensure the criteria for the relocation of venues on transferring the Pokie machines.

– collaborating class 4 gambling venues and Racing Board venues into single documents.

Have your say

The gambling policy welcomes the say of any person or organisation of sorts. The policy ensures equity in the voicing of concerns from all sections of the public opinion.

The Summary of Information

The summary enlists the details of the changes, along with further information on submitting feedback regarding proposals.

Statement of purpose

The document encompasses the purpose and the myriad options under consideration and the draft copy of the proposed policy.

Social Impact Assessment Report

Social Impact Assessment Report

Supporting the development of policymaking in the field ensures action and implementation in the current state of gambling affairs.

Assessing the various options available:

Option A: Implementation of a sinking lid that doesn’t allow any new venue.

Option B: Lowering the caps the ultimate number of machines by 87, align the zone names to the Representative Review, thereby reactivating the primary activities clause.

Option C: no changes to the existing policies.

Councillors across cities understand the concern of many sports and gaming ventures receiving funding from Class 4 gambling venues. However, the top priority of groups and governments should be to a more ethical and sustainable arrangement.

Gambling Venue
May 26, 2020

Online Gambling Trends 2021

The past few years have witnessed online gambling augmenting in its popularity. More people are discovering solidarity with gambling as a means of leisure activity. This year has marked an exponential growth in this burgeoning industry due to the unprecedented pandemic crisis.

This escalated accolade is primarily because of the snowballing of technological advancement, which has revolutionized every sector, including the gambling industry.


Crypto to Dominate the Gambling World

Next year will witness a magnified boost for cryptocurrency in the world of gambling with the advent of numerous online platforms accepting crypto this year. Digital currencies have carved a vogue this year with the convenient deposits and withdrawal, along with the added incentive of security and anonymity.

The craze over regular payments is gradually replaced by these novel methods because a plethora of individuals like to relish in the anonymity conferred on them, especially in a sensitive arena like gambling.

The depreciation of identity theft and hacking are other luring factors in terms of cryptocurrency transcending it to the most popular means employed by gamblers.


Dealing with Live Dealers

Players prefer online casinos that have the capability to depict the entertainment provided by a live casino while they are still enjoying the comfort of their home. The magnetic element here is the engaging real, live dealer. This concept is derived from the land-based casino.

From the dawning of the casino industry, a charming aspect of a casino is the quick wit and appeal of the dealer, and this same principle is employed in online casinos, especially in games like blackjack and baccarat. The state-of-the-art technology leverages the benefit of real and engaging croupiers at your fingertip.

Smartwatches Engender New iGaming Experience.

The novel rave is now placing flutter using a smartwatch. The recent years have observed the utilisation of phones and tablets; however, smartwatches are gaining popularity as a more convenient and accessible option.

The prediction of the smartwatch industry, generating a revenue of $35 billion in the year 2021, had everything to do with the analogous relationship with gambling.

Keeping alive the ethos of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos with the interactive online gaming system is the chief motivation for the gaming software developers to build more such games which possess wearable friendly technology.


Interactive Gaming Systems That Modify Interaction

Numerous online casinos cater to their player’s expectations by delivering the most acceptable online content. This has been made possible by the snowballing of technology, which has enabled players to access engaging online games in an opulent lounge milieu with the aid of touch-enabled kiosks, tables, and wall panels.

This system has the ability to amalgamate the vitality of online and social gaming to the real casino floor.


Online Gambling
May 1, 2020

Secrets Tricks that the Casinos Do Not Want You to Know

Casinos have a set of secret tricks that they use but do not want you to know. These tricks are the ones that help them scale their business and draw more people to the establishments. Though not all these tricks are pernicious to a gambler’s financial health, it is always better to learn about them nevertheless. An insight into these casino secrets might open up many winning portals for you and aid you to manage your resources better. Let us now have a look at these secrets and try to make sense of them.

Casinos Are Designed in a Way to Keep You On the Floors for a Long Period:

Everything that you see inside a casino is actually motivated by the idea of making a profit. If you have been inside a casino ever in your life, you must have noticed that there are no clocks inside. Have you ever wondered why that is? Casinos do not want you to keep track of your time. They always attempt to keep you for a longer period within the establishment so that you could play more games and help them make more money.


The Security Camera Has Its Eyes on You:

The cameras that the casinos have are not just designs and showpieces. They have their eyes on you. If you were under the impression that the security cameras stop tracking your movements while you are playing a game, you have been mistaken. These cameras have their weather-eyes on every movement of yours. Nothing evades their watchful eyes. The casinos can even use the information to beat you the next time you play the same game.

Dealers Sometimes Feel Bad for your Situation:

It is important to remember that dealers are human beings too. They are not trying to get you to lose. And even if they are trying to do so due to the policy of the casino, they do feel bad for you. Some might even try to drop hints about how to play and plan your moves. Though it is never a great idea to listen to every advice the dealer has to give, it might at times do you well.


Casinos Can Tell If You are Cheating:

You might be a seasoned player who knows the ins and outs of a casino, and you might even be nimble with your hands. But do not let that get to your head. Casinos can tell if you are cheating. It is not very easy to outsmart them. Only because you have been successful in making it out of the casino floor without being caught, it does not mean the same will happen again. Therefore, you must be careful about the means you are resorting to.


These are some of the few secrets that casinos will never want to divulge to their customers. These secret tricks help them to ride high on their success. Being privy to these secrets could help your chances and aid you to make the most of your time at the casino.

Secrets Tricks
March 12, 2020

Some Slot Machine Etiquette to Know about Before Walking Into a Casino

Slots are the most popular games at the casinos. They draw people in flocks with amazing graphics and the promise of progressive jackpots. However, there are a set of rules that every individual must follow before playing on these machines. And when we talk about the rules, we are not only speaking of the rules of the game. There is some basic etiquette that people must know of to make sure the slot machines are being used appropriately, and that they are not causing any confusion to anyone else inside the casinos. The purpose of this article is to learn and internalize these etiquettes and see why they are considered so important at the casinos.

Use the Slot Machine Only When You Are Sure that No One Else is Using the Same Machine:

The first thing to remember while using a slot machine is that no one else must be using the machine. In fact, if you find anyone else saving the slot machine to use them in a while, leave the machine and the person alone. And if you cannot restrain yourself from using the machine, be civil and ask for the person’s permission. Only if he/she allows you to use the machine, must you go ahead. And if the person does not permit you to use his/her machine, do not engage in a brawl and leave the place at once.


Do Not Hog a Machine If You Are Not Playing:

This goes without saying, but for the ones who would like it to be restated, hogging a machine without any intention of playing is not welcome. You are only ruining the chances of another player, and that is a selfish act on your part. Allow people to use the machine if you are not interested in playing yourself. This is mutually beneficial. You can play the other games to your liking as well as help others win at the slots by making room for them to play.

Finally, Understand that You Are Not Competing Against Other Players and Act Accordingly:

The final thing to remember when talking about slot machine etiquettes is that you are not competing against any other player. And that is why there is no need to feel jealous of what the others are winning. You need to hold your own and be supportive of other players. Do not lose control of yourself if you happen to lose and find the others winning. Winning and losing is all a part of the game, and there is nothing to feel ashamed or disheartened about. Therefore, stay calm, keep yourself together and act accordingly, while you play the slots.

Slot Machine