August 23, 2020

An Insight Into the Reasons Behind the Design, Layout and Architecture of Casinos

The way casinos are designed- from their flooring to the ceiling, is more science than art. There are specific psychological reasons behind the designs and layout of the casinos. To begin with, casinos are designed in such a way that you are drawn to them and decide to spend as much time as possible within their confines. They are designed in such a way that shall enable you to try out all the games that they have to offer. The longer you stay inside the casinos, and the more you play, the greater is the profit margins of these establishments. And that is the real reason for the casinos to follow a specific design template.

The Hallucination-Inducing Floor Patterns:

The first thing that you might observe when you walk into a casino of your liking is that the flooring is quite complicated. The patterns that are mostly used in flooring could stress one’s eyes out or lead to hallucinations. The floors of the casinos are designed in such a way so that you start feeling a little foggy. The casinos then make use of this confusion of yours and manipulate you to spend more time inside.

Casinos Also Do Not Have Clocks Inside Them

Casinos Also Do Not Have Clocks Inside Them:

The second noteworthy thing about a casino is that they do not have clocks inside them. The casinos use this trick so that their customers stop keeping track of the time and spend more time inside the establishment. And this, in turn, motivates them to play all sorts of games and contribute to the profit made by the casinos. Some casinos even go to the extent of prohibiting the use of mobile phones and wristwatches once you step inside the casino.

The Slot Machines are Arranged in a Haphazard Manner Inside the Casinos:

Another striking feature that one would often note inside the casinos is that the slot machines are arranged in a haphazard manner inside the casinos. They are not neatly arranged in rows that might have helped people to use them easily. This is because the haphazard arrangement of the slot machines gets the players confused and they take a longer time to find their way out. And while they struggle to find themselves out of the maze, some people even start playing on the machines. Is that not a very neat way to make profits?

A Few Final Words

A Few Final Words:

Casinos are businesses and not just entertainment houses. Their true allegiance lies only with themselves. And that is why it is imperative that you see this domain with its inherent risks besides the fun quotient that they have to offer. Now that it is clear that casinos are designed in a way that would keep the customers on the floors for a longer period and get them all confused, be careful to manage your resources well the next time you step foot inside these fun houses.