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September 2, 2021

The appropriate time to use double or nothing at a casino

There are times in the casino when it is appropriate to double down on your bet. By doubling down (when you think you have an advantage over the casino) you can quickly build a stockpile of winnings. Look, every casino always has a mathematical edge on every single game you play, but when it is appropriate to double down, you can shift the house advantage temporarily in your favour.

So which games can you double down on?

Well, first of all, we have to distinguish between doubling down while in the midst of playing a game and simply doubling your next bet. Regarding the latter, except for hitting house limits, you can always double your bet on the next hand of a game. Concerning the latter, say you bet $100 on roulette to win. On the next hand, nothing will stop you from betting $200 on red the following play. Some people play this as a betting strategy. It’s called the martingale strategy. The idea is that if you lose a hand at any casino game, to bet double the next time you play. If you lose again, you double your bet again.

The idea of the martingale system is that sooner or later, you will recoup all your losses and have profits left over. We don’t recommend the martingale system for obvious problems, the biggest of which is that you have to have a big bankroll, but regardless, that’s not the type of doubling down we are talking about. NO, we are focusing on in-game doubling down.

For those Kiwis who play blackjack, either online or at a physical casino, players are most familiar with the process of doubling down in blackjack. Say you bet $10 a hand playing blackjack and the dealer deals you a 6 and a 5. You can choose to double down by placing another $10 beneath your bet. This is a double down, and the dealer will then deal you with one additional card.

Please note that many casinos limit doubling down to when you have a total of 10 or 11 only, while other casinos will allow you to double down on practically anything. There are mathematical rules for doubling down, but if you have an 11 double down, and if you have a 10 double down if the dealer is not showing an ace. Doubling down is a great way to narrow the house advantage in blackjack, which is already one of the lowest in the casino.

games to double down

Another in-play game to double down on is craps

After a point is established in craps it’s possible to take the odds or lay odds down on your original bet such as pass or don’t pass to not only double your bet but even to bet 10 times your original bet. By taking the odds, it’s possible to reduce the house edge on craps to an extremely low .2 percent. Of course, you could lose quite a bit as well by taking 10 times the odds, but that’s why they call it gambling. Another way to take double the odds is with slot machines and video poker machines. Not all, but let’s say you win $5 playing a slot machine. Many machines allow you to take the $10 as a payout, or to add to your credits, but then a screen comes up and asks if you want to double your payout or lose it all. Usually, these machines will utilize a simple card game, such as red or black.

If you have played for 20 minutes on a slot and have only won $10 and lost who knows how much money, playing red or black on a slot machine to double your money is pretty decent odds compared to playing red or black on roulette, and these in-game double down features have no zeros or double zeros to content with. On the other hand, if you wind up winning $100, cash out the ticket and go enjoy a steak and lobster dinner on the house, or if you are playing online, order yourself a pizza. Of all the games in the casino, the two best double or nothing opportunities come from playing blackjack and doubling down or taking the odds on craps.

It is critical, however, that you know the house rules for doubling down at any casino you play with. For example, it’s a great idea to double down on blackjack with an 11, a little risky if you have a 10, and even more risky if you have a 9, or have a soft hand that contained an ace. The same applies to craps. Know exactly which bets you can take the odds on, and exactly how much money you can lay down on the odds. By knowing these rules when you start gambling, you can greatly cut down on the house edge.

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May 1, 2020

Secrets Tricks that the Casinos Do Not Want You to Know

Casinos have a set of secret tricks that they use but do not want you to know. These tricks are the ones that help them scale their business and draw more people to the establishments. Though not all these tricks are pernicious to a gambler’s financial health, it is always better to learn about them nevertheless. An insight into these casino secrets might open up many winning portals for you and aid you to manage your resources better. Let us now have a look at these secrets and try to make sense of them.

Casinos Are Designed in a Way to Keep You On the Floors for a Long Period:

Everything that you see inside a casino is actually motivated by the idea of making a profit. If you have been inside a casino ever in your life, you must have noticed that there are no clocks inside. Have you ever wondered why that is? Casinos do not want you to keep track of your time. They always attempt to keep you for a longer period within the establishment so that you could play more games and help them make more money.


The Security Camera Has Its Eyes on You:

The cameras that the casinos have are not just designs and showpieces. They have their eyes on you. If you were under the impression that the security cameras stop tracking your movements while you are playing a game, you have been mistaken. These cameras have their weather-eyes on every movement of yours. Nothing evades their watchful eyes. The casinos can even use the information to beat you the next time you play the same game.

Dealers Sometimes Feel Bad for your Situation:

It is important to remember that dealers are human beings too. They are not trying to get you to lose. And even if they are trying to do so due to the policy of the casino, they do feel bad for you. Some might even try to drop hints about how to play and plan your moves. Though it is never a great idea to listen to every advice the dealer has to give, it might at times do you well.


Casinos Can Tell If You are Cheating:

You might be a seasoned player who knows the ins and outs of a casino, and you might even be nimble with your hands. But do not let that get to your head. Casinos can tell if you are cheating. It is not very easy to outsmart them. Only because you have been successful in making it out of the casino floor without being caught, it does not mean the same will happen again. Therefore, you must be careful about the means you are resorting to.


These are some of the few secrets that casinos will never want to divulge to their customers. These secret tricks help them to ride high on their success. Being privy to these secrets could help your chances and aid you to make the most of your time at the casino.

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