June 12, 2020

Gambling Venue Policy Review 2020

Gambling venue policy has been set up to gather regular feedback on various topics, proposals, plans, and projects across countries.

Joining with the Local Government Act, Councils are on the process of reviewing Gambling policies on class 4 gaming machines venues and the Racing Board venues. The Act has sent out word to get to know people’s views on the amended policy.

Purpose of gambling policy:

– make sure that the community and the Council of representatives have influence over the belonging and the place of positioning of the new venues in the City.

– making sure that the objective of the venues is not to provide Class 4 gaming machines.

– reducing any ill-effects to the public caused by gambling.

– enabling the community to benefit from the gambling sites for entertainment and benefiting from the proceedings generated thereby.

Gambling Venue

The Proposed Amendments include;

– clarifying that the gambling sites are not primarily for activity on class 4 gambling machines.

– making sure that the location of a class 4 gambling venue is 100 metres from the nearest existing class 4 gambling site, kindergarten, school, or any of the community facilities.

– Ensure the criteria for the relocation of venues on transferring the Pokie machines.

– collaborating class 4 gambling venues and Racing Board venues into single documents.

Have your say

The gambling policy welcomes the say of any person or organisation of sorts. The policy ensures equity in the voicing of concerns from all sections of the public opinion.

The Summary of Information

The summary enlists the details of the changes, along with further information on submitting feedback regarding proposals.

Statement of purpose

The document encompasses the purpose and the myriad options under consideration and the draft copy of the proposed policy.

Social Impact Assessment Report

Social Impact Assessment Report

Supporting the development of policymaking in the field ensures action and implementation in the current state of gambling affairs.

Assessing the various options available:

Option A: Implementation of a sinking lid that doesn’t allow any new venue.

Option B: Lowering the caps the ultimate number of machines by 87, align the zone names to the Representative Review, thereby reactivating the primary activities clause.

Option C: no changes to the existing policies.

Councillors across cities understand the concern of many sports and gaming ventures receiving funding from Class 4 gambling venues. However, the top priority of groups and governments should be to a more ethical and sustainable arrangement.

Gambling Venue
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